Classical English furniture

— this is a worthy choice. It harmoniously combines with luxurious interiors, provides them with comfort, comfort and status. This quality in all - natural materials, upholstery, which is sewn exclusively by hand on each individual model, and solid, environmentally friendly elements of the entire design.

The English-Ukrainian joint venture “Dallance” produces high-quality reproductions of chairs of the great styles of the 18th and 19th centuries. In the development of English classical furniture of these periods, there are several main stages.

Furniture in classical English traditions is known in many countries of the world, it has become a characteristic detail of the design of residential and palace interiors of the XVIII – XIX centuries, including in Russia. In English workshops were created objects that have become a standard of taste for many generations. To see them in our interiors can be alas seldom, although chairs and chairs of English masters meet quite often, creating a unique atmosphere in the interior.

The style of Chippendale (Thomas Chippendale) is the most famous style in the art of English furniture of the mid-eighteenth century, called the English Rococo. He was created by a master-furniture maker and painter, the son of a carpenter from Yorkshire, who is considered one of the best cabinetmakers in history. One of the most famous works is an armchair with an openwork ornament on the back, a square seat, curved legs with bird’s paws, in which a ball, called “Ball & amp; Claw “or the Chippendale chair.

The next style of the great English decorator and architect Heppleight (George Hepplewhite) . It corresponds to French classicism, it is distinguished by simplicity of forms, ease and practicality. Square or round in cross section legs have a slight bend, the backs of seating furniture resemble a shield in shape, are either laced or soft. Often, the motif of the back is intertwined with three pointed arches or fan-shaped palm branches. Elegance is achieved solely through beautifully curved surfaces and lines. Hapluayt’s furniture was practical and functional, and it was further developed.

Style Sheraton (Thomas Sheraton) , the fourth major figure of English furniture production of the late XVIII century, represents a strict classicism. These were almost ideal, completely appropriate to their purpose, household things. Their simplicity for us is now so amazing, as far as their modernity was striking at the time. Style features of Sheraton furniture – almost complete expulsion of curved lines, moderate division of surfaces. Sheraton developed the style of Hapluayte, brought details to the utmost sophistication, bringing the elegance of products to a new level. The furniture of Thomas Sheraton was expedient, and this quality has not lost its relevance in our days. The dominant of the Sheraton style is a straight line. The skater’s master was the tables. As a decoration, Sheraton used overhead decorations, brass handles for drawers or doors, shields for keyholes.

The style of Robert Adam , called the early stage of the English Empire. It was based on the forms of antiquity in the original interpretation. Particular attention was paid to antique ornamentation, strict adherence to examples of antiquity. To Adam’s works the inherent straightforwardness of classicism. Exceptionally English, characteristic details can be considered a cornice with flutes and a palm branch motif.

In addition to chair reproductions, Dallance manufactures chairs and furniture elements in accordance with customer specifications, chairs and tables for contracts for restaurants, bars, hotels. We supply both white unfinished chairs (chair frames) and fully prepared chairs, armchairs, tables, kits. We have experience in the production and sale of furniture since 1997. Many of our products are decorated with highly artistic hand carving, performed by craftsmen with twenty years of experience.

In our catalog you will find various models of chairs, tables and kits. As a company with a full production cycle from sawing logs to manufacturing chairs, Dallance LLC offers the best quality on the market at very competitive prices.

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